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Manic Training DENVER!

Manic Training is coming to the Denver area, Summer 2015!

Our tentative opening date is currently set for mid July.

We will release several offers regarding membership pre-sales and specials by June 15.

 Located at 2000 E County Line Road at the intersection of C470 and University, Manic Training Highlands Ranch will be our inaugural Denver metro area location.  

Our 3 day per week program utilizes agility based core and cardio exercises seeking to make each and every person strong from the core, out to the extremities.  Our workout equation, "STRENGTH + DURABILITY + WORK CAPACITY = READY FOR LIFE" is a vital part of our workouts, and you will surely reap the rewards indefinitely. Whether you are new to the fitness scene, recovering from an injury, or a top-tier athlete, Manic Training is for everyone!

We realize that time is precious, and that is why EVERY Manic Training class starts exactly on time, and ends on time, no exceptions.  Its' one hour where all that matters is you, for all your other life matters can wait while you relieve your stress, strengthen your body, and become thoroughly READY FOR LIFE!  Its all part of 


I'm on time, rolled out, and ready to work

I leave my baggage at the door

I listen to and follow instructions for my safety and for others safety

I help set up and break down the room

I clean up after myself and wipe down stations

I always, always practice good form

I help motivate my fellow teammates, as they help motivate me

I have fun and challenge myself, ready to dig for that 10% more I know is in me


Much as “The Manic Way” is a simple, pragmatic approach to our workouts, our attitudes, and our lifestyle, the overall concept that Manic Training holds firms is a no nonsense, no frills, no excesses approach to our program.  We hold in high regard our commitment to form in every regard, whether it be showing up on time, helping motivate others, listening to the trainers, and doing right by yourself and everyone around you.

Look for the new Manic Training Highlands Ranch website to be launched soon!









Phone 401.741.5106
Address 466 Main Street
Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879